Alcohol pad machine

Short Description:

Standard size unfolded 60×30mm,

folded 30×30mm or unfolded single-layer 30×30mm products,

other sizes can be customized,and the package size cannot be changed if it is fixed


Warrantly: 12+1 months

Payment method: T/T ,Paypal

Usage:Pharmacy,hospital,restaurant,hotel,home etc…

Product Detail

Product Tags

●Color touch screen operation interface operation;servo drive system;PLC programmable controller intelligently controls the operation of the whole machine,precise film feeding,stable transmission of cotton sheets,and precise bag cutting.

●Imported liquid pump,the amount of liquid added is set directly on the touch screen.

●Under the premise of high liquid volume,the sealing is tight,no leakage,no bubbles

●Stable operation of the whole machine,high output:280-350 bags/min


2.Process flow:

Non-woven fabric and packaging roll film on the machine→non-woven fabric is folded longitudinally in half(or not folded)→cut→dosing→folded sheet output→bag making→packaging→sealing→output of the packaged finished product.


Non-woven fabric                                      Liquid                                         Packaging film

(spunlace nonwoven)



3.Main technical parameters:

Specification model:DL-220

Unfolded size of alcohol sheet:length 30mm×width 60mm

Alcohol sheet folded size:length 30mm×width 30mm

Cotton sheet folding method:fold in half once,2 layers or single layer without folding

Bag size:length 50mm×width 50mm

Processing capacity:280-350 bags/min

Packaging film material:73-110g/paper aluminum film composite packaging paper

Packaging film specifications:Φ≤350 mm,width 400 mm,inner diameter of paper core 76.2mm

Applicable cotton sheet material:coiled,30-60g/spunlace non-woven fabric

Non-woven fabric raw material specifications:diameter≤600mm,width 60mm

Inner diameter of raw paper core:Φ76.2mm(=3")

Total power:220v,50hz,5 kw

Equipment weight:500 kg

Dimensions:length 2800×width 1300×height 1500mm

Packing size:length 2200×width 1500×height 1500mm


4,the main equipment configuration(if you need to change the electrical configuration,please specify,the price is extra)

A.Electrical part

1.Color touch screen(Xinje TGS-765-MT)

2.Programmable controller(Xinje PACK-10)

3.2 drive motors(Xinje MS-80STE-M02430)

4.Two servo drives(Xinje DS3-20P7-AS)

5.Color mark positioning system.(GDJ-411 Shanghai Yatai)

6.Discharge conveying drive motor:Taizhou Aoqili 41K-25GN-G

7.Other electrical:contactors,relays,switch buttons,etc.:Zhejiang Chint


B.Frame appearance and main mechanical transmission

1.The frame is made of industrial aluminum profiles such as national standard 40×40×2 or 40×40.

2.The protective cover adopts 1.2mm 304 stainless steel sheet metal welding processing

3.The parts contacting alcohol cotton are made of 304 stainless steel.

4.Tooth chain mechanism:gear ZG45(45#cast steel)gold processing and quenching treatment


5.Random accessories:

1.heating rods 2pcs

2.cloth cutting knife 1pcs

3.bag cutting blade 1pcs cutting blade 1pcs

5.thermocouples 2pcs

6.set of maintenance tools 1set

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