Adjustable Nonwoven rolls perforating, slitting & rewinding machine

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1.Request of machine: embossing, perforating, counting, slitting & rewinding.

2.Effective width of raw material is 1850mm, and maximum diameter of raw material is 1000mm.

3.The device has automatically stopping function (infrared ray), power is 3.5 KW.

4.Rewinding roller has step less device which can adjust the rewinding speed.

5.Feeding part has broad strap transferring device, and equipped with step less tensile adjusting device, pneumatic synchronous transferring. It has true and stable helix perforating.

6.The maximum producing speed is about 80m-120m/minute (depends on different raw materials.)

7.The rewinding roller has pneumatic pressing device. It is equipped with pneumatic expanding rollers, one for unwinding, and the other one for rewinding.

8.Slitting width can be adjusted. The maximum diameter of product is 450mm. The perforating distance can be adjusted from 10cm to 50cm freely. No need to change the gear to adjust this distance.

9.The machine has 2 high precision oxygenation aluminum alloy wrinkle-removing rollers.

The slitting device has pneumatic knife-lifting and moving devices.

10.It uses step less device to control the speeds of embossing, perforating, separately-cutting, rewinding and counting. It is equipped with 10 sets separately-cutting knives.

11.The machine has 10 cylinders, automatic raw material feeding device and broad strap synchronous transferring device.

12.The machine has two tensile adjusting devices. It can make core or non-core products, perforating or non-perforating rewinding. It has rewinding looseness adjusting device.

The device uses transducer to control the speed. It has reasonable electronic wire layout. It is easily and safely operated.
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