Automatic Nonwoven Bed Sheets Folding Making Machine

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1.1  Equipment requirements: The device can process all kinds of spunlace non-woven,hot air fabric, hot-rolled fabric; acupuncture cloth, spunbond fabric, SMS,paper-plastic and other raw material.

1.2  Equipment working principle: Longitudinal folding→cutting length automatically→Transverse folding→output automatically→Product stacking,the whole line complete automatically.

1.3  Width of raw material under 2000mm

1.4  Folded width longitudinally arbitrary adjustable, the product Cutting length can be adjusted between 300-3000mm, length error of ± 1 mm.

1.5  Transverse folding: one half ,one- third,one -quarter,one –sixth,one-eighth

1.6  The machine adopts the cylinder to promote the material and tension control automatically, without manual operation

1.7  All the drives use the imported servo motor, high precision

1.8  Touch screen control, only need to enter the data can change the specs,easy to operate.

1.9  Electronic-control is touch screen man-machine interface operation,built-in production time,counting,a preset number of automatic shutdown,etc.

1.10 Entire delivery system, strong, durable, non-polluting;

1.11 Electrical wiring specifications and reasonable,elegant,easy to operate.

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