automatic nonwoven roll to roll perforation slitting rewinding machine

Short Description:

This machine its working on nonwoven materials,such like spunbond,spunlace, meltblown.roll to roll perforation,slitting,rewinding. accept customized .

Product Detail

Product Tags with pneumatic automatic distribution device, pneumatic shaft automatic unwinding, pneumatic wide belt with a long roll synchronous conveying device, cutting automatic pneumatic lifting device, mobile device, pneumatic separation about real spiral drilling, light and smooth, and can adjust the inclination of drilling.
2. hole pitch gear equipped with CVT from 10cm-60cm, do not change gears automatically adjust line spacing length. Also can be equipped with PLC programming and electric servo control, the perforation pitch infinitely adjustable.
3., the machine is equipped with adjustable force device two, can produce core less rewinding products, drilling, slitting, rewinding or non drilling, slitting, rewinding, equipped with adjustable products rewinding, tightness, pneumatic compression device.



Device parameter


Capacity 10-90m/min
Electrical source 380v/50hz
Power 4.5kw
Winding diameter 50-500MMspecial products can be customized
Effective width 1150MMspecial products can be customized
Dimension 3200*1500*1400MML*W*H
Machine Weight 850KG
Perforation distance As request,(servo motor, unlimited)Adjustable(10-60cm, frequency motor)
Slitting knives Blade circularAir knives

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