DL- 1-8 Rolls super soft towel rewinding machine

Short Description:

It can makes disposable soft towel products. Suitable for all kinds of spunlace non-woven cloth:such as flat grain, mesh hole, big pearls, small pearls, EF grain and a variety of jacquard process fabric.

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1.working process: feeding rolls--Slitting--folding--perforation--rewinding--counting(per Meter)--products smooth
2.Turbine box control wiring distance (10-60CM)
3.Effective width :1400 mm, maximum diameter:1000 mm
4.The automatic count shutdown function (infrared);
5. power :5.5 kW.
6.The equipment is equipped with a pneumatic automatic feeding device; magnetic powder roll, and the original cloth; capacity: 10-90 m / min (specific speed according to the characteristics of various raw materials)
7.The equipment is equipped with 4 sets of cylinders and special wear-resistant rubber delivery long-spoke pneumatic adjustment up and down。
8.The equipment adopts frequency conversion control speed adjustment, the electrical parts wiring specification is reasonable, clean, safe and easy operation.
9.The machine frame of international formed steel, surface for rust treatment, all machine plates must be anti-rust paint treatment, frame welding size, appropriate reinforcement, pulley, gears and all transmission parts center is accurate, to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, the machine will not have plastic phenomenon within two years

Mechanical performance requirements

a. The cutting knife adopts 10-15sets circle blade which using standard steel.

b. The counting device adopts the electronic counter count of the Sino-Korean joint venture "XinJie" brand.

c. Mechanical low speed or high speed stepless speed, with high stability.


DL-1-8 rolls

Production speed


Electrical source


Total power


Machine size

L5500mm x W1450mm x H1200mm

Fold type


Weight of machine (kg)


Machine frame

Standard steel

Frequency converter






Payment method

T/T  40% deposit ,60% before ship




Delivery time


Tools box

1 sets


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