DL-F850 SMT rewinding machine

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1.The working principle of the equipment: automatic feeding → synchronous conveying →trimming with circle blade→counting automatic→
automatic rewinding;
2.The equipment is adopt pneumatic automatic feeding device ,the maximum bearing weight is about 350Kg(10-80gsm),and the operation is simple and convenient
3.The equipment can process various spun laced nonwoven;wood pulp cloth ;needle-punched cloth and other products.
4.Raw materials are conveyed by belt synchronously to ensure the conveying tension of raw materials and the air expansion shaft is equipped to unwind .
5.Assemble that pneumatic pressing function at the take-up part to make the produced product more beautiful .
6.Equipped with infrared automatic counting device and automatic stopping function, counting to the number of stopping, counting accurately.
7.Machine easy operate,price are suitable;
8.All sprocket and chain drive methods are adopted.
9.The entire exhaust pressure and compression adjustment device adopts linear slide rails at both ends to move up and down, and the tooth rows are parallel to position the winding press roller.
10.Air expansion shaft winding: the winding tension is constant, the winding density is uniform, and the elasticity is adjustable

Device parameter


Capacity 10-60m/min
Voltage 380v/50hz


Power 4.5kw
Rewinding diameter 50-300MM

special products can be customized

Effective width 800MM

special products can be customized

Dimension 2200*1500*1400MM


Weight 650KG
Usage Factory 

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