DL – Gluing Laminating machine

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Description of Equipment

The double material compound rewinder uses the non-woven fabric raw material, is the two kinds of raw materials on the glue bonding equipment. The non-woven fabric is controlled by tension control mechanism, the glue spraying mechanism is evenly glued, and the unwinding mechanism is packed into rolls.

The normal production speed of the machine is 50-100 m / min (depending on the characteristics of various raw materials)

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Equipment installation

1.1 Equipment around need to leave 1 meter maintenance for debugging or repair. (Feed material parts plus 1 meter)
1.2 Unwinding frame, Gluing frame and Rewinding frame should be using screw to tightly
1.3 Adjust foot screws to smooth equipment
1.4 Insert air pressure, adjusted to 0.4~0.7 Mpa
1.5 Equipment connected to three-phase 380 V power , good grounding (power connection must be operated by professionals)

Warning: Circuit work must be done by trained professionals

Operation Instructions

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Operation before starting

1.Make sure the electricity and gas are in good condition. According to (Picture 3), connect by interface number

2. According to (Picture 1) to install material 1 and material 2 on the equipment. According to (Picture 4) the material piercing diagram

detail (1)

3. According to (Picture 5), turn the speed control knob switch to the lowest speed, open the stop, switch on the machine open button; then pull the non-woven material slowly turn the speed control switch to keep the equipment running at low speed, the non-woven fabric pulls out the machine

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4.If it is found that the rewinding tension is too tight (or too loose) ,adjust the speed control button adjustment (too tight clockwise direction adjustment, too loose counter clockwise direction adjustment).

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5. If found the tension between unwinding is too tight (or too loose), adjust the unwinding tension controller button adjustment.

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Maintenance of Equipment

1.1 Each shift refuels the designated oil hole.
1.2 Refuel the shaft box of the equipment once a month and clean up the equipment.
1.3 Maintain equipment once a quarter, check all screws, bolts and other fixtures.

Notice:The equipment and function can be adjusted according to customer’s require, the final confirmation of quotation bases on the fax copy with seals of both sides.
• Price terms: FOB
• Delivery: Within 60 days after receiving advance and the drawing confirmed
• Port: Shanghai / Ningbo
• Payment: 40%T/T deposit in advance, the balance paid before delivery.
• Offer valid within 1month.
• Installing: Installation will be done by customers or our technicians but under customer's transport cost. It is easy to adjust and clean.
Warranty period: We makes guarantee that the machines are new and the guarantee period will be 12 (twelve) months, which starts from the data of the machine’s arrival

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