DL-L1 lazy rag Kitchen cloth cookhouse wiper making machine

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Automatic lazy rag production line consists of: automatic rewinding machine, big rotary cutter machine, automatic pillow heat shrink packaging machine.

Fully automatic perforation machine



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Raw materials width2200mm

Raw materials diameter:≤Φ1100mm

Paper core diameter76mm

Raw materials GSM:35-75 GSM

Feeding system:Single-layer independent rear frame Dual hair belt, each belt width 200mm, pneumatic control paper delivery belt, (pneumatic paper)

Original paper seat: supporting the customer's original axis (our original paper axis can be selected)

Tension control:Independent drive Independent frequency conversion adjustment for each paper roll

Paper wear mode: Manual guide of paper

Turning mode of guide paper roller: active guide roller in the drive belt part

Cut off disc knife: chain drive cut off (spray device plus 2500USD costs

Perforation knife:2 pcs

Position of punch distance10.8according to customer)

Re-winded rolls diameter60-120mm

Perforation distance250-300mm

Total power20kw

Pipe ping modeautomatic

Imported Teflon alloy blade for bottom knife

Paper breaking detection: with paper breaking detection system

Pneumatic system: customer-owned system

Speed 220-280 M/min

Minimum air pressure requirements: 0.45Mpa-0.6Mpa:

Gas consumption: standard status 50 M3 / shift (unit one automatic valve)

Paper delivery belt drive: independent paper rack, installed with independent servo motor on each shaft,

Shaft paper roller can be driven independently

Head steel plate thickness: 30 mm thick finishing steel plate

Rear upper paper frame material: 20 mm thick steel plate (with reinforced structure)

Protection: Protective cover for main transmission parts. All transmission parts of the whole machine meet safety protection requirements

Electrical appliances: PLC Xinjie brand, touch screen Kunlun common state brand frequency converter Inweten brand, servo motor European letter brand.

Machine weight:4000 Kg

voltage :380v  50HZ


Full Automatic Band Saw


Length of the logsmm):100-2200MM

Diameter mm) 60——120

Cutting lengthmm) 80--230max 250mm


Air pressure0.6MPa

Speed 100-200 cutsaccording the products length

voltage380V      50HZ

Total power7.5kw

Machine weight2000kg

Electrical appliance:PLC Siemens brandtouch screen Kunlun common state brand frequency converter Inweten brand, servo motor European letter brand.


Fully automatic pillow heat shrink packaging machine

asdfghjk 热收缩

Max width of the film ≤590mm

Packaging size120-210mm

speed30-150 bag/min

Film typespvcpcf.etc

Power 3.6kw+16.5kw

Power motor 220v50HZ   shrinker380v  50HZ

Machine dimension 5000*1150*1600mm




Transaction mode

1. The quotation validity period shall be valid within 30 days after the issuance.

 2. All quotes are tax-free and no freight price, naked. Tax-inclusive, plus 10%

 3. After-sales service: the Seller can send a technical personnel to the Buyer's factory, install and debug machines and train workers. Foreign buyers are responsible for paying technician round-trip tickets, visa (worker $ 100 / day), domestic and foreign passenger services, accommodation, catering and other whole expenses. Meanwhile, the buyer needs the necessary help, and the buyer can also come to us to learn the technology.

 4 Warranty period: the main parts of the equipment have one year of warranty, and the internal parts are damaged free during the warranty period. The vulnerable parts to be replaced regularly, such as: split cutting knife, saw blade and punch knife, are not within the warranty scope, and the artificial malicious damage is not within the warranty scope.

 5. Delivery period: about 50 days after the receipt of the deposit.

 6. Equipment test: the Buyer shall test the equipment in the factory, and the Buyer shall pay the balance before the goods are issued.

Note: The right of interpretation belongs to Jiangxi Dele Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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