DL-R2000 Full servo hot cutting machine

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Performance structure and characteristics of the equipment

1. Equipment production requirements of raw materials: dust-free cloth, impregnated cloth, microfiber, etc.

2. Working principle of the equipment: servo feeding - servo edge rectifying - servo double rod unwinding - fabric wrinkling - longitudinal cutting - automatic transverse tension - Hot cutting - finished product output.

3. The equipment is equipped with 17 sets of heating knives and a set of cutting knives. The cutting knife can adjust the width of the product, automatic material handling and automatic lifting platform according to the needs of customers.

4. Servo motor combined with PLC and computer touch screen to control the host, and with frequency converter to control the number adjustment.

5.Machine structure rack adopt national standard channel steel welded together, make anti rust paint processing, surface electrical appliances are all made of chint electric equipment, screw, nut, such as standard parts material all adopt national standard consumables, affect product easy place adopts 304 stainless steel material, the machine has compact structure, high speed smooth operation, stable performance, simple operation, the beauty is generous.

Technical parameters of the equipment

Model DL-R2000 full servo hot cutting machine
Servo motor XINJIE(5sets)
Heating plate JAPAN
Transformer CHINT
voltage 8KW
voltage 380V
Dimension L3300mm*W3200mm*H1950mm
Capacity 6-12 TIMES/MIN
Weight 1300kg
Stacking height 20cm


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