DL -square -cut wafer makeup remover

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Performance and characteristics of the equipment

1. Adopt a consistent working mode, from raw material automatic conveying, heating embossing, rolling cut pieces, arranged the materials and waste collection volume, counting servo, automatic completion (according to the customer request custom pattern).

2. Equipment with mechanical press material, four groups of circular cutting knife molding mold, and the dislocation of the most reasonable arrangement position (is the leading domestic), the material consumption is reduced to the minimum extent, reduce product cost, product efficiency relative to improve.

3. The device uses the high quality steel, with steel on steel and heating embossing device 1 set, embossing and embossing and circular sections are used imported high quality made of special material, cutting accuracy, without burr, precision products.

4 Device with three power control device, with automatic waste collection device.

5 Equipment with automatic counting device, roll material width depends on the size of die equipment.

6 Equipment with cam type transmission, with two sets of special wear-resistant rubber roller conveyor, the other is used in aluminum alloy guide roll with transmission.

7 The equipment adopts frequency conversion control and speed regulation, the wiring is reasonable, safe, easy to operate.

Equipment can complete cleansing cotton edge openings or opening of the production process (has successfully developed wafer edge pinhole type remover cotton)
At present the same industry, the same equipment in the production of quality or technical indicators are not comparable with our factory

Technical parameters of the equipment

Type of equipment DL -Rd
Maximum production speed 800 PCS/min
Rated voltage 380V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Total power 3.5 kw
Shape size Length 5800 mm× width 1200 mm× height

2000 mm

Weight of equipment kg 2300
Embossing device As request
Pattern Customized provide
Rolls max diameter 1000mm


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