DL-V290 Automatic Non-woven Dust/Filter Bag Making Machine

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Main characteristics:1. This machine is mainly used for producing non-woven dust bags and air filter bags with punched holes.The bags have neat cutting edges and high sealing strength.

2. Process : feed materials—printing pattern—-ultrasonic embossing—-hold punched—-side sealing—–length cutting—–auto stacks

3. The machine can be equipped with maximum 8 sets of raw material feeding units,mechanical tension adjusting system,manual EPC(edge position control)system and fast raw material feeding spanner.

4. The machine is equipped with automatic equalization transferring system and two sets of pressing rollers to keep the raw materials move stably before sealing process.

5. The machine is equipped with one set of bag forming system which is designed by our own factory.This system makes the size of the finished bags be adjusted easily and freely.

6. The size of the bags can be made according to client’s request and it can be adjusted through micro computer in the machine.

7. The machine uses Taiwan brand ultrasonic generators which circuit boards are from America to promise the high sealing strength of the bags.

8. All the guiding rollers used in the machine are all rigid aluminium rollers and the machine is equipped with synchronous tension controlling system to adjust the tightness of the raw materials.

9. All the molds in the machine are all made of typical high hardness steel.Sealing embossing design is finished by special computer engraving(the design can be made according to the client’s request).

10. The machine is equipped with micro computer screen to control all the operating procedures.

11. The machine uses photo electrical eye tracking system to adjust the position of the punching hole and fix the cutting length of the bags.

12. This machine was firstly designed by our factory in China in 2009.It makes up the market blank of automatic non-woven dust/filter bags in China.This machine has high design concept and very reasonable electrical wire layout.

Main technical parameters:

Machine model DL-V290
Working speed 25-30pcs/minute
Maximum raw material width 500mm
Length of finished bag ≥200mm(no maximum)
Width of finished bag 200mm–460mm
Total power of the machine About12.5kw
Power supply 380V/50Hz,3 Phases
Machine dimension 13000*1200*2000mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight About 2800kg

Delivery time:In 55 days after receiving the deposit.

Guarantee period:

2 years.If any main part of the machine,like the motors,frequency convertor,etc.are broken under your normal use during these two years,and you can’t fix it in a short time in your country,we will send new one to you for free and afford all the relative costs.

Installation and commissioning:

You can come to our factory to check its quality and learn how to run it.1-2 days are enough for you to master how to operate it very well.If you really want our factory to send an engineer to your country to do the installation and commissioning,you should afford below costs for him.

(1) Visa fee.

(2) Two-way air tickets&accommodations(food and living);(3).$100/day subsidy.

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