DL-XF1000 High Speed Square Cosmetic Cotton Pads Making Machine Disposable Nonwoven Make up Remover Cotton Pad Machine

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1. The working principle of the makeup pad equipment: automatic unwinding→ steel-to-steel embossing→longitudinal slitting→horizontal slicing→left and right swingcounting→arrangement output, fully automatic.
2. The source is 380V; Frequency is 50Hz; Total power is 4.5kw.
3. The capacity: 1800-2000pcs/min.
4. The maximum effective width :980mm, The product size:50*60mm (fixed die embossing size).
5. Theequipment is equipped with 3 spiral high-precision oxidized aluminum alloy wrinkle-removing rollers for expending raw materials.
6. Its equipped with 1 set of steel-to-steel vertical combined embossing devices.
7. Its equipped with 18 sets of online slitting circular blades made of imported materials
8. Its equipped with 1 set of shearing inclined knives, which can cut accurately, smoothly and without burrs, and has high
product precision.
9. Its adopts solenoid valve pneumatic counting device, presenting a left and right swing type stacking counting, accurate
counting, neat stacking, and convenient packaging.
10. Its equipped with a servo motor to control the speed of the host, which is convenient to operate, flexible and stable.
11. The counter tops and the parts that are likely to cause sanitary impact on the product are all made of 304 stainless steel.
12. It adopts high-precision servo motor and related electrical control operation, the operation sound of the whole machine is brisk, and the electrical wiring.Specifications are reasonable, safe and easy to operate.
13. The whole machine is compact in structure, high in production speed, stable in operation, stable in performance, easy to operate, and conforms to theproduction conditions of sanitary products.
14. The frame is made of international formed steel plates, which are processed by high-precision wire cutting, and the surface is treated with rust prevention to ensure the smooth operation and improve service life.

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