DL–Z1 Under-pads making machine

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Equipment operation principle:

3 rolls of raw material feeding- -fabric delivery- -hot melt gluing- -longitudinal folding- -sheet cut- -transverse fold 3 times- -fold complete- -conveyor to packaging machine-packaging complete.

Automatic folding machine (pet mat, dental mat folding machine, bed sheet bath towel folding machine, medical sheet folding machine)

1. Performance, structure and characteristics of the equipment:

1. The working principle of the equipment: conveying → automatic vertical folding → material cutting → horizontal folding is completed automatically.

2. The equipment is equipped with a synchronous conveying device and a magnetic powder tension controller to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the folded finished product.

3. The equipment is equipped with our innovative multifunctional special-shaped folder, which can convert more product folding modes and is convenient to adjust.

4. The equipment adopts a servo-controlled slider type horizontal fork knife, which can be folded horizontally up to three times.

5. The equipment adopts servo-controlled imported cutting tools for cutting.

6. The equipment adopts four-servo combined with PLC programming controller and microcomputer display screen to control production, all production parameters are clear at a glance and easy to operate.

7. The equipment shell is made of stainless steel.

8. Advanced equipment design concept, compact structure, fast speed, good stability, high production efficiency, and meet the requirements of various national health standards.

2.Device parameter


Technical Parameters

Control system

Maximum crosscut size


Host speed control

6 set servo motor control

Number of folds

3 times

    Input power

380V /Three phase

Maximum roll diameter of raw material unwinding


Cross cutting length of hob

Servo motor control

Raw material width range

1000 mm

Actuator (contactor, etc.)


Folding process


Signal element (photoelectric switch, etc.)


Expand Size

Width  250-1000

length 1000-1600 mm

Pneumatic Components


Folded size (width)

100-170 mm

Counting device


Folded size (length)

150-200 mm

Frequency device


Hob model


 Frequency device quantity


Raw paper tube

3 inch



Suitable raw materials


Servo control system



Equipped with device

Vertical folding

Adjustable multiple types

Feeding materials


Horizontal folding method

Half fold

Down  materials


Device Dimension






Accessories included

Host speed



standard tools

1 set


3. Delivery attached documentation

1. Operation sheet

2. One set of tool kit

  • Delivery: Within 45 days after receiving advance and the drawing confirmed.
  • Payment: 40%T/T deposit in advance, the balance 60% paid before delivery.
  • Offer valid within 1 month.
  • Installing: Installation will be done by customers or our technicians but under customer’s transport cost. It is easy to adjust and clean.

Warranty period: We makes guarantee that the machines are new and the guarantee period will be 24months, which starts from the data of the machine’s arrival

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