DL-Z230 Printing Embossing Folding & Cutting machine

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Model DL-ZP(100-600)
Folding Size Product 300-700mm, Can Be Customized To Fold Product Size
Folding Device  High Precision Wire Cutting Process
Folding Method N, W,1/4, Can Be Customized
Control Procedures The Frequency Conversion Speed Control
Printing Device Printing Ink
Parameter Setting Man Machine Interface
Production Speed 100-600 / Min
Packing Size Depending On The Configuration, Models And Set
Power 50hz 3.5-6.5kw 380v
Weight About 3000kg Weight Depending On The Machine Configuration

Main characteristics

1. the working principle of the device: synchronous transmission - Printing - automatic folding - high and low rise and fall type count - cutting - product output, automatic completion.

2. printing ink roller anilox roller, chrome 1 inch / 80.

3. pneumatic landing plate, after the printing ink can be automatically separate.

4.360 degrees continuously adjustable vertical to flower arrangement.

5. two sets of hot air drying system, ensure the product is clear and beautiful, beautiful.

6. equipment with wide belt conveyor device and two control device, in order to ensure the effect of printing and folding of the finished size.

7. equipment with our factory innovative design of multi - function - shaped folding, can be converted more products, easy to adjust,.

8. equipment with infrared counter device, high and low rise and fall, count accurately.

9. equipment imported cutting tool, durable and not easy to heat, and equipped with automatic grinding device.

10. equipment transmission parts adopt double gear and bevel gear transmission, eliminate gear clearance, processing craft fine, noise is small, and can according to the product material different additional static elimination device.

11. machine table and related to the product of all the parts of the use of 304 stainless steel material production.

12. equipment with high quality frequency conversion control speed, electrical parts and wiring standard reasonable, beautiful and easy, easy to operate.

13. the design concept of the whole machine is advanced, the structural layout is reasonable, the speed is stable, the performance is stable, the operation is simple, and the production condition of health product is in accordance with the condition of health product

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