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Model DL-Z250
Folding Size Customizable Folding Product Size
Folding Device High Precision Wire Cutting Process
Folding Method N, W,1/4, Can Be Customized
Control Program Frequency Conversion Speed Control
Use Power Stepping Motor
Parameter Setting Man-Machine Interface
Production Speed 300-600 / Min
Packing Size Depending On The Configuration, Models And Set
Power 50hz 3.5-6.5kw 380v
Weight About 2800kg

Main characteristics

1.250 mm folding machine size: length 3.6 meters, width 0.9 meters, height 1.7 meters.

2. Mechanical properties: A. to adopt a consistent mode of operation, from the raw material folding, cutting, automatic counting and band saw blade cutting folding finished products, neat incision, the left and the right of equal length, imported durable not easy fever, equipped with automatic knife grinding device, sending the finished product out a double row parallel C. the electronic counting device, can be arbitrarily set each bundle packing required number of sheets, cloth every beam between high-low ladder type convenient D. mechanical low speed or high speed can be stepless variable speed, high stability, F. paper folding method adopt a folded plate and a knife folding paper, adjusted after fold transformations, as shown in figure shown in the fold N, M, Z, W,1 / 4.

3. The equipment working table to withstand the weight plate thickening. Band saw wheel with pig iron casting production, and the wheel surface technology processing, outer package special cloth to reduce noise, and to play a role in pollution prevention, stable cutting, cutting knife is not running.

4. Tail rack mounted paper at the install a wide belt synchronization conveying device and control the tension. Sealing plate use of spray processing. Long men frame by universal bearing positioning.

5 Production speed: 250 mm folding 500-600 film on / down / min (according to the material of the paper), according to the tension of the paper, the machine can adjust the size of paper tension two, in order to ensure the folding of the finished size.

6. Folding machine folding and needed to be heightened, the material with high-quality domestic 45# steel, quenched hardness of HB220-280 degree of surface plating hard chromium; meridian of paper clips in the cutting process, plywood using high quality stainless steel, crack must close smooth seamless. Clip paper knife and chuck for a tight fit, workmanship exquisite not loose. Disc adopts screw rod to adjust the deviation of the paper, can transform a variety of folding method. The tail is provided paper with double stent solid, stable feed, bias is small, and the other by a new way of removing, and the disassembly is convenient and easy to use.

7. The bearing seat materials using high-quality domestic 45# steel, uses the high quality bearing. Tail rack configuration for wide belt synchronous transmission. With automatic knife grinding device and automatic counting device. Note: (reduce A. count voice; B. folding stick below the slider curvature increase, reduce the sound; C. folding stick in front of the conveying roller use double transport, top gear positioning, improve the folding stability.; D. the trough the pull type device, tool changing operation is convenient; e. console stainless steel laying and appearance than the original beautiful; electrical wiring specification is reasonable; F. equipped with imported cutter with cutting).

8. Surface of the machine and the tank is made of stainless steel plate, the knife to a trough end length of 0.8 meters. The folding machine folding, flat, smooth, standard size. Bearing materials by domestic high-quality 45# steel surface plating chrome.

9 Equipment with frequency conversion, the total power of 3.5 kilowatts, electrical wiring specification is reasonable, beautiful, easy to operate.

10. The whole machine rack with GB molding steel, surface rust spray treatment, all machine bed plate must do anti rust coating processing, frame welding is accurate in size, the stent of appropriate reinforcement, belt wheel, bevel gear and all transmission part, the accuracy of center, the gear is mainly divided into pieces, easy to adjust the gap. To ensure the stable operation of the machine.

11. Standard fasteners used in all hexagonal screw and high-quality domestic 45# steel. On the finished product is easy to cause the influence of parts are all made of stainless steel materials. Machine all plating are divided into secondary electroplating, smoothness is good to ensure smoothness for all the parts of the machine, anti rust resistant degree, equipment II years will not rust, delamination.

12 Long term on the characteristics of the equipment for a variety of paper technical guidance.

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