DL-Z80 Automatic baby wipes making machine

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1 Processing of raw materials: nonwoven cloth; hot rolled; cloth; acupuncture cloth, even pumping wipes.
2 Types of products: baby wipes, baby wipes, wipes and cleaning ladies care wipes etc.. Product size and liquid can be adjusted.
3. The mutual buckle type folding: from large volumes of non-woven material automatic cutting, automatic mutual buckle folding, automatic liquid, automatic counting, automatic stacking, automatic output products, automatic packaging, automatically print the date, the entire line automatic once completed.
4 Equipment equipped with 1.2 sets of two meters upper and lower line cutting device, automatic pneumatic feeding device, gas - up - shaft, pneumatic conveying, cutting knife up and down about pneumatic shift device.
5. The device is equipped with a set of interlocking style folding device, with 20 sets of mutual buckle type folding frame, are all used 304 stainless steel material and by wire EDM molding manufacture, fold more stable performance, convenient adjustment and easy operation.
6 Equipment is equipped with a complete set of automatic liquid adding system (including stainless steel mixing tube).
7 Equipment with double frequency converter control, bag length is set to cut, no need to adjust the air to go, step in place, save time and film.
8. The equipment is equipped with a high sense of photoelectric color mark tracking, digital input cut sealing position, which makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate. Temperature independent PID control, and better suited to a variety of packaging materials.
9. Reciprocating end sealing mechanism and firmer sealing, sealing film cutter without loss. Terminated in angle device, baggy more beautiful, improve product grade. Positioning stop function, non stick knives, do not waste, packaging film.
10 Equipment and electrical control system: the use of imported PLC program control system, computer color touch screen, frequency conversion, import, joint control of production

Model No. DL-Z80
Folded Size l:150-250mm  w 80-110mm (Customized Design)
Unfold Size l:150-250mm   w:180-220mm
Pillow Type Packing Size l:110-330mm w:30-130mm h:10-65mm
Folding Way n,Fold-In-Half,Each Button Folding(Customized Design)
Suitable Material Spun-Lace Roll,Hot-Blast Roll,Hot Rolled Roll,Needle-Punched Roll,Diameter ≤1000  Width: 300mm
Control System Plc
Motor Servo Control Of The Motor Speed
Parameter-Setting Color Touch Screen
Production Speed 1800-2500pcs/Min  ≈  10-65pack/Min
Air Compressor Provided By Yourself
Packing Size Depending On The Configuration
Power Supply 350v 50hz 13kw
Weight About 8200kg 

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