DL-Z800 Bed sheets/Tower Folding machine

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The characteristics of the equipment

1.The working principle of the equipment:conveying→automatic vertical folding→material cutting→horizontal folding is completed automatically.
2.the device uses a continuously variable transmission control of the power, servo electrical control product length and with a positive and negative transfer device (domestic only).
3. equipment with wide belt conveyor device and pneumatic pressure plate type control device, automatic feeding device, equipped with gas - up - shaft, Long men stand on the use of universal bearing positioning device.
4. equipment imported frequency conversion, PLC programming, computer display, laser meter length, servo motor and related imported electrical control.
5. equipment electrical parts wiring specifications reasonable, beautiful, easy to operate.
6.the design concept of the device is advanced, compact structure, stable and reliable operation, high efficiency .
7.The equipment adopts a servo-controlled slider type horizontal fork knife,which can be folded horizontally up to three times.
8.The equipment adopts servo-controlled imported cutting tools for cutting.
9.The equipment adopts 4 sets servo combined with PLC programming controller and microcomputer display screen to control production,all production parameters are clear at a glance and easy to operate.
10.The main body is made of stainless steel.

Device parameter

Technical Parameters Control system
Maximumcrosscut size 2700mm(adjustable) Host speed control 4 set servo motor control
Number of folds 3 times Input power 380V/Three phase
Maximum roll diameter of 1000mm Cross cutting length of hob Servo motor control
Raw material width 800mm Actuator(contactor,etc.) “CHINT”
Folding process Folds Signal element(photoelectricswitch,etc.) “OMRON”
Expand Size Width 800-2000length 1000-2700 mm Pneumatic Components “YADEKE”
Folded size(width) 100-200 mm Counting device “CHINT”
Folded size(length) 150-300 mm Frequency device “TAIDA”
Hob model Customized Frequency device quantity 1SET
Raw paper tube 3 inch Frequency 50HZ
Suitable rawmaterials Rolls Servo control system “HUICHAUANG”
    Equipped with device
Vertical folding Adjustable multiple types Feeding materials Pneumatic
Horizontal foldingmethod Half fold Down materials Manual
Device Dimension 6000mm*2400mm*4500mm counting Automatic
Power 12KW Accessories included
Host speed 1400r/min  standard tools  1 set
Usage Hotel,beauty shop,home
 Accept size of the machine 80*120mm100*140mm 180*220mm200*220mm  
120*180mm140*200mm 220*270mm240*270mm

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