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bag making machine

1,equipment requirements:it can produced the flat filter bag,folded filter bag,cut edge neatly.Smooth and hairless.The viscosity is strong.

2,Its equipped with 1 adjustable automatic roll device.

3,Equipped with 8 groups of unilateral support raw material loading device,with a maximum width of 650mm;with mechanical surge device,and gas distribution rise shaft winding and equipped with hand shaking adjustment position device.

4,Its equipped with automatic constant tracking horizontal super cutting delivery system,equipped with edge folding molding system,with stainless steel edge molding mold,specifications according to the required party.After folding,roll 2 pairs to fully shape the folding edge.

5,production speed:5-30Pcs/minute.(Depending on the weight of the fabric,size of the bag,etc.)

6,equipment is equipped with automatic left and right winding device so that waste can be stacked.

7,bag size is adjustable.Flat bag width at 200-460mm.Length can be adjusted within a certain range through the touch screen and servo control system.

8,equipment is equipped with 2+5 sets of Shanghai production and chase frequency high-power ultrasonic system forming(2 sets of 15K,5 sets of 20K(where the mold head diameter at the rolling port is 55mm).All conveying guide rollers of the equipment are delivered(the best hard oxidation reinforced aluminum roller in Shanghai).The equipment is designed as 4 sets of ultrasonic rolling pressure and split independent control devices(using linear bearing system).

9,equipment is equipped with 1set air conditioner matched with ultrasonic cooling!Combine rolling ultrasonic mode head cooling and sealing device to ensure the cooling effect!

10,All molds of equipment are made of imported special materials,and the indentation pattern is carved by special process computer(patterns can be made as required).

11,complete equipment size:total length 13.8 meters and width 1.2 meters.It weighs about 4 t

12,equipment is equipped with 4 sets of servo motor and anti-interference system,PLC,touch film screen,and joint control of imported photoelectric tracking system(Servo motors all adopt the Taiwan joint venture"Xinjie"brand).And design the adjustable standard loss control system(e.g.1 or more equipment automatically shutdown,so as not to reduce product loss);

13,Basic operation procedure of equipment,raw material winding,printing,mouth cutting adhesion on both sides,trimming,horizontal hot bonding,cutting,product output,system design photoelectric tracking or length mode operation!

14,equipment total power of 15kw,rated voltage of 380V

15,whole machine frame is made of national standard forming steel(No.12 slot steel),the surface is anti-rust spray paint treatment,accurate machine frame welding size,proper bracket reinforcement,pulley,umbrella gear and all transmission parts,accurate center,and the main gear slice treatment,easy to adjust the gap.,Ensure the smooth operation of the machine.

16.the standard parts screws are all made of domestic high-quality 45#steel and internal hexagonal screws,and the parts that are easy to affect the finished product are all made of no rust.All electroplating parts of the machine are good,to ensure the cleanliness of all parts of the machine,rust resistance.

17,ultrasonic mold and roll mouth and edge mold left and right movement with wire bar hand shaking to adjust the left and right width,and fast



Machine model DL-V460
Working speed 0-30pcs/minute

(According to the size of the products)

Maximum raw material width 650mm
Length of finished bag ≥200mm(no maximum)
Width of finished bag 200mm–460mm
Total power of the machine About 15kw
Power supply 380V/50Hz,3 Phases
Machine dimension 13800*1200*2000mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight About 3850kg
Diameter of the roll

(the gap)


(Parameter Provide by customer)

Delivery date 65DAYS( 28 NOV,2021)
Color device Single printing
Pattern rhombus with small circle

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