lamination rewinding

  • DL – Ultrasonic laminating machine

    DL – Ultrasonic laminating machine

    Power: 8.5kw       

    voltage:380v/50hz 3phase

    Capacity: 10-90M/min

    Dimension: 6.5*1.9*1.85m

  • DL – Gluing Laminating machine

    DL – Gluing Laminating machine

    Description of Equipment

    The double material compound rewinder uses the non-woven fabric raw material, is the two kinds of raw materials on the glue bonding equipment. The non-woven fabric is controlled by tension control mechanism, the glue spraying mechanism is evenly glued, and the unwinding mechanism is packed into rolls.

    The normal production speed of the machine is 50-100 m / min (depending on the characteristics of various raw materials)

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