Fight the Corona-Dele Intelligent Technology Company in action

One city, one heart!Firm faith, work together in times of trouble, unite as one, scientific protection, to do a good job of self-protection is to care for others.

On the evening of October 30, as soon as it received the announcement of the Yan shan epidemic situation, Jiangxi Dele Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. immediately deployed emergency epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with the requirements of the municipal epidemic prevention headquarters and the superior prevention and control units.


1. The employees of the company shall register their body temperature every day.Report the recent going out, recently out Lead Mountain Gexian,Yanshan Town should immediately for nucleic acid testing and quarantine for 14 days.


2. Place special emergency epidemic cabinets in the factory area, including: body temperature gun, 84 disinfectant, alcohol disinfectant, disposable protective masks, and disposable protective special clothing.Daily to the factory virus elimination, every link will be fine, without a mistake.


3. During queuing up, wear masks and have meals one meter apart.Employees dining in the canteen sit down according to the mark.

4. Protect yourself at the moment of the epidemic,a good health it s more important than everything, hope the corona virus will be cut down by our effort.

Post time: Nov-22-2021

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