Non-woven folding machine

  • DL-Z250 Folding & Cutting machine

    DL-Z250 Folding & Cutting machine

    Model DL-Z250 Folding Size Customizable Folding Product Size Folding Device High Precision Wire Cutting Process Folding Method N, W,1/4, Can Be Customized Control Program Frequency Conversion Speed Control Use Power Stepping Motor Parameter Setting Man-Machine Interface Production Speed 300-600 / Min Packing Size Depending On The Configuration, Models And Set Power 50hz 3.5-6.5kw 380v Weight About 2800kg 1.250 mm folding machine size: length 3.6 meters, width 0.9 m...
  • DL-Z230 Printing Embossing  Folding & Cutting machine

    DL-Z230 Printing Embossing Folding & Cutting machine

    Model DL-ZP(100-600) Folding Size Product 300-700mm, Can Be Customized To Fold Product Size Folding Device  High Precision Wire Cutting Process Folding Method N, W,1/4, Can Be Customized Control Procedures The Frequency Conversion Speed Control Printing Device Printing Ink Parameter Setting Man Machine Interface Production Speed 100-600 / Min Packing Size Depending On The Configuration, Models And Set Power 50hz 3.5-6.5kw 380v Weight About 3000kg Weight Depending On The...
  • DL-C230  Embossing Folding & Cutting machine

    DL-C230 Embossing Folding & Cutting machine

    1. Adopt a consistent working mode, automatic completion from raw materials by automatic heating, folding, cutting, embossing and finished counting. 2. Equipment imported cutting tool, durable and not easy to heat, and equipped with automatic grinding device. 3. Equipment adopts pneumatic counting device count, with positive and negative cloth guide conversion device. 4. Device with innovative design of multi – function – shaped folding device, can be converted more products, is a...

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