Nonwoven Perforating Slitting Rewinding Machine

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Automatic Rewinding and Perforating machine adopts advanced PLC computer programming and automatic detection technology. Frequency control, continuously variable adjustment, electronic braking. Man-machine interface and multiple function device; Automatic Rewinding punch instead of the previous manual and semi-automated secondary manual rewinding. Improve the efficiency, Reducing the amount of labor  and  the issues of workers' wages. It Is directly relevant  to reduce production costs  fully automated production equipment.

Overall Part Description:

Overall Part:Frame #10 channel steel welded together,

Feeding parts: magnetic powder brake and manual tension controller adjust the tension

Loading part: pneumatic synchronized feeding

Traction part: pneumatic steel roller and the rubber roller traction, and equipped with AP125 flywheel can adjust the speed and metre

Punching part: punching section length 100-2000 adjustable(can rbi or not)

Rewinding part: roller surface length: 1100mm.

Catheter part: with aluminum alloy guide roll

Slitting part: pneumatic knife slitting, size can be adjusted (with 10pcs slitter)

Unwinding part:Unwinding air shaft φ76 = 1 roots.

Rewinding part: Rewinding air shaft φ76 = 1 roots.

Counting part: electronic digital counter ,it can count  the length of section ,Can count the meters (with automatic stopping).

Raw materials Diameter: ≤φ1000mm

Raw material Width: ≤ 1800 mm.

Finished products diameter: ≤φ1000mm

Machine capacity :0-80 m / min

Technical parameters:

 1: Power supply: AC380V, 50HZ

 2: Power: 3.5KW

 3: Design speed: 100 m/min

 4.speed :0-80m/min

 5: Dimensions: 2500 * 2100 * 1400mm

 6:N W: 2000KG
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